Wednesday, 11 June 2014

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Update On The Album!

After much work we're nearing completion on our third studio album, to be released later this year. We've again been recording at Roundel Studios with the inestimable Mr Roger Cotton and we're looking forward to unveiling the new record to all of you.  There'll be more news on release dates, formats etc in the coming months along with a facelift for the website.  Make sure to come along to a gig to get a sneak preview of some of the tracks!

Easter 2016

Busy weekend, finalising songs for the new album and an outdoor gig ... in March ... in the sunshine!

We have updated our gig list, see you soon!


20th January 2016 - Happy New Year!

Welcome back one and all.  Hopefully you had a fine end to 2015.  Thank you to everyone who came to our winter tour shows - especially those of you who came to see us support Fotheringay.  A real honour!

Anyway, we are currently hard at work on what will become our third album.  Keep your eyes peeled for updates!  It'll be a while until we're back playing live but we will be appearing on the 20th February at the Old Brewery Store in Faversham as part of the annual fundraiser for Faversham Hop Festival.  Tickets are available below:


So hopefully see you for that, and fort shows later on in the year.  More to follow....

26th August - Fringe Frolics

Last week saw our second trip to Scotland this summer, and our second visit to the Edinburgh Fringe.  Together with our friends from Lost Horizons Folk Club we spent four days playing gigs across the city, punctuated at regular intervals by eating, drinking and, in Jon's case, boxing.

Most of us headed on up on the overnight coach, arriving at 7am and I don't think my body clock ever quite got back on track.  We played up to 3 gigs a day, with some late night shows, followed up by songs and sessions at the Royal Oak until the wee hours.

With 9 gigs in total, it was a great opportunity to get the new material we've been working on out into the world, and I'm thrilled to say it got a great reaction all round!  Fans old and new: keep an eye out for updates of record number three...

Although the Fringe may be known for its shows, for us the must-dos are food related.  If you find yourself hungry in Edinburgh you could do a lot worse than visit:

  • The Forest Cafe - great vegetarian food from this wonderful volunteer run cafe.  We loved the nachos!
  • The Mosque Kitchen - fantastic curry, fantastic price.  Despite visiting every day we could, we're still to decide our favourite dish - but gave tasting them all a good go.
  • CJ's Cafe - the perfect breakfast when you've been playing music til 4.30am and have a 10 hour return coach trip to look forward to...
As always we want to say a huge thank you to Trish and Paul who work so hard to make things like this happen for up and coming acts like us.  We wish you all the best with the rest of your time in Edinburgh and can't wait to see you again soon.

Thanks to everyone who came to see us and said kind things, plus a big thank you to Birthday Gin Queen Sinead for sorting out a great flat for us to stay in.  See you next year Edinburgh!

13th August - Broadstairs 50!

August kicked off for us at the Broadstairs Folk Week with three gigs over the weekend at the Albion Gardens, the Tartar Frigate and the Wrotham Arms.  A power cut made for an unplanned unplugged lunch time gig but with the audiences' patience and hearty singing we did it!

It was the 50th year of the festival and the sixth (we think) we've been involved in.  As well as being a lovely opportunity to explore the great British seaside and enjoy some band bonding around the campfire, we're lucky enough to have some lovely people who come and see us year after year.  It makes a gig extra special to recognise smiling faces in the crowd and see people singing and dancing along.

We'd like to say a special thank you to Chris for doing our sound and keeping us organised and in the right place at the right time, as well as the mini bus drivers who helped us cart the kit around.

8th July - Five Go Mad In Kelburn

This weekend saw the first of our trips to Scotland this summer and our first encounter with the Kelburn Garden Party, a great independent festival just outside of Glasgow.  The 16 hour round trip was well worth it for a weekend of music, dancing and festival fun.

In case you're planning a trip next year, here is our wisdom from the weekend:

1. You can carry your gear further than you think

While the secret woodland setting of our stage, tucked half way up the Never-Ending Glen, was certainly beautiful, getting 3 amps and a drum kit there and back was a challenge.  Particularly when one of the festival Land Rovers got stuck in the mud...  But it turns out we're stronger than we think and with much huffing, puffing and the occasional expletive, we did it!

2. Incense sticks ward off the midges...

I've never seen so many small, flying, biting things in one place.  By the time we came back down from the glen it looked like we all had chicken pox.  But things improved when we discovered that wafting a cloud of incense around us helped not only with warding off the insects, but also with the post-gear trek/mud infused odour.

3. A deep-fired, battered potato on a stick is a great 2am snack

Among the many food stalls was one called Chipsticks who had a special machine that turned a whole potato on a stick into a golden spiral of loveliness.  We started off with one between three of us which quickly escalated...

4. Lost Horizons Folk and Acoustic Club might be the nicest people ever

Once again Paul and Trish pulled together some great acts who were talented, supportive and friendly as ever.  Logistically it can't have been easy to get that stage together, so thank you so much for your efforts and for inviting us.  Can't wait to see you in Edinburgh in August (we'll be there from 15th-18th)!

1st July 2015 - Ellen Writes!  Episode Two...

June has been very good to us once again this year, with a run of lovely gigs and some generous audiences to try a couple of new tracks out on.

You can see some snaps and videos from our set at Ron's Speakeasy on our Facebook page, but for the new material you'll have to come along to a live show - check the Gigs page to find out when we're coming your way.

After a rather rainy (but still very tasty) trip to the Walmer Food and Drink Festival a few weeks back, we had a couple of days to catch our breath before heading to Leigh-on-Sea for the first time to play an intimate lunchtime gig at the Sailing Club as part of the folk festival.  A lovely spot and we hope to return soon.  Sorry to anyone we didn't get to speak to after - we had to make a quick departure to get back for our afternoon slot at the first ever Canterbury Folk Festival.  It was great to play on a real bandstand and there was a lovely atmosphere, and loads of support for local live music, which is what we always like to see.

This weekend we're packing up our tents and heading north (and then some) to the Kelburn Garden Party in Scotland.  We're really looking forward to seeing some old friends from the Lost Horizons Folk Club and soaking up the festival spirit.  Let's hope the heatwave holds and I remembered to clean out the tent after last year's adventures!

If you're at the festival come and check us out on Saturday at the Monument in the Glen (doesn't that just sound lovely?).  If you won't be there in person, we'll be bringing you our festival highlights via Facebook and Twitter so follow us @greendieselfolk

9th June 2015 - Ellen Writes!

Summer fun starts now!

After a gorgeous weekend that saw Kent bathed in sunshine, it's fair to say that summer is truly here. We were thrilled to return to the Lighthouse in Deal to kick off the weekend last Friday night.  Not only were we well looked after by Dave on the sound desk and by the venue, we were also lucky enough to have an attentive, music loving crowd who joined us on the dance floor.

Saturday saw us in the rehearsal studio putting together some new material, which you'll hopefully be able to hear at a gig near you soon.

This weekend we're off to Ron's Speakeasy at the Duke in Deptford on Saturday night, before returning to Walmer on Sunday for a 4pm at the Food and Drink festival.  Hope to see you there!

20th March 2015

Spring is almost upon us! We've been hard at work on new material which we hope to be putting down on record later in the year. In the meantime we'd better get out and start playing some of it in public! Head over to the 'Gigs' page and you can see our first set of dates for 2015. We're looking to add to this, and are always up for playing in new places. If you'd like to book us, or know of somewhere that you think we'd suit then please get in touch. Meanwhile we hope to see some of you out on the road somewhere!

23rd January 2015


And another year is upon us... 2014 was a fine year for us. Our album 'Wayfarers All' won plaudits from press and fans alike. If you don't have a copy yet, head over to the shop page, or pick one up from us at a gig. But we are not ones to let the grass grow under our feet! We're going to spend the early part of the year writing the follow up, so expect to start seeing new songs in the set as the year goes on. We've got some exciting plans in the offing for gigs which we'll be revealing in due course. We're looking forward to seeing you this year, and playing some new sounds for you!

22nd October 2014


Our summer run has just finished with our performance at Tenterden Folk Festival, and we'd like to take the time to say a big thankyou to everyone who has come to see us, helped with Wayfarers All, worked at any of our gigs, bought a CD, or even cooked us dinner. It's been quite a year.

Much love - Jon, Ellen, Matt, Ben, Colin and Greg. xxxxxx

1st October 2014

We've played our last festival of what has been a truly amazing summer that has seen us play all over the UK as well as releasing our second album 'Wayfarers All'. Thanks to every single one of you who have put us on, come to see us play or bought an album. Greg, Ellen, Matt, Ben, Jon and Colin."

More importantly, though, we have a few one-off shows booked in for November and then a little run of dates in December before we shut ourselves away in the New Year to work on album number 3. Please go to our gigs page to see where you can find us.

31st July 2014

Busy busy busy!

Green Diesel are about to undergo some serious gigging with 16 shows in 9 days!

First, we're off to Edinburgh for our first ever Fringe festival. We will be appearing on numerous occasions between the 4th and 7th August at Black Medicine, The Cow Shed, Jeremiah's Tap Room, The Tron Kirk and The Forest Cafe.

Then we're playing four shows at Broadstairs Folk Week from 9th-11th August. This has been a good festival to us, so we're thrilled to be back again to share Wayfarers All with 'Planet Thanet'. Keep an eye on gigs by visiting our gigs page.

Initial reactions to the album have been really positive and we'd like to say a huge thankyou to everyone who has snapped up their copy already. Here's to the health of Cardinal Puff for the second time!


28th July 2014


Our second studio album, Wayfarers All' has been released through Talking Elephant records. Go to our store page to get your copy now!

1. To Kill The King
2. The Southcliffe Jig
3. Mad Tom of Bedlam
4. Oak, Ash and Thorn
5. A Fisherman, Once
6. Minoorne Labajalg
7. Shiny O/Drummond Castle
8. Drive the Cold Winter Away
9.  The Windhover
10. Let No Man Steal Your Thyme
11. May Song
12. Wayfarers All!

14th July 2014

Greetings! There are just two weeks to go until the release of Wayfarers All, so we've decided to give you a little taster. From today you can download 'To Kill The King' for free. Written by Greg, this story of wren-hunting has been going down well at recent gigs and we hope you like it as well. You can listen to it here and download an mp3 to listen whenever you like (click the arrow in the top right-hand corner of the player to download)

We hope you enjoy the track, and don't forget to pre-order the album from the Store page. All pre-orders will get a special extra...

8th July 2014

Welcome to our new website! We are just a few weeks away from the release of our second album 'Wayfarers All'. The album's due on the 28th July on Talking Elephant records and, if you head over to the Store page, you can preorder your copy for £10 (plus £1.50 P&P). We're sorting out some little extras to go with the CD as well... In the meantime Colin has put together a little documentary about the making of the album that you can see over at the Videos page

We're looking forward to playing the new songs live over the summer and hope to see many of you out on the road. Our Gigs page has all our summer dates listed so see if we're coming to your area. If not then feel free to hassle the manager of your local venue about booking us...

Watch out for more news soon!

23rd March 2014

EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENT!!! Green Diesel have recently signed with Talking Elephant, who will be releasing our second album, 'Wayfarers All' in the summer. This has been in the pipeline for a little while now and we're very pleased that all was signed, sealed and delivered in a sunny pub garden in Horton Kirby. More news to follow shortly...

We've recently been busy beavering away at getting the new songs 'studio ready' and have aired the new tracks at Artree Music's 'Folking Live' at the Southhill Arts Centre, Bracknell. Many thanks to all who attended. The recording 'proper' will start in earnest next weekend at Roundel Studios, about which we will endeavour to keep you updated.

Keep your eyes out for new developments.

20th February 2014

Hello all.

2014 has started in a productive fashion for us with a bevy of album #2 rehearsals taking place to get the new material up to scratch. We can confirm that the recording will take place at the beginning of April, so the album should (fingers crossed) be ready for June.

We can also confirm a welcome return to the Rochester Sweeps Festival this year after sadly missing out in 2013. We will be playing on Saturday 3rd May at the Gordon Hotel at lunchtime and the Castle Gardens in the afternoon. Please take a look at our gigs page to see if we're visiting your part of the world soon.


3rd December 2013

Festive greetings.

Dirty Linen is back! We're putting on our roaming folk-rock night at a great venue in Canterbury, The Ballroom. We've sorted a fine lineup of talent, which includes two very fine young folk acts.

Larkspur - A 5 piece folk band who explore the wide spectrum of British folk music from the merry and whimsical to the darker more sinister underbelly of the traditional folk repertoire. We saw them at Broadstairs Folk Week and they went down a storm.

Arlet - One of the breakout stars of the Kent folk scene, Arlet’s music is located somewhere between the folk club and the chamber music hall. Arlet draw on folk idioms as a point of departure for their carefully sculpted, richly harmonic and ornately textured music. These guys are going places!

We also have the delightful 'Dead Horse Morris' joining us for some festive footwork.

Doors are at 7.30, £3 entry. Come and enjoy our last gig of 2013.

Check the FB event details.